Monday, December 28, 2009

Ruler of the land review chapter 1

Ruler of the land review chapter 1
Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Jeon Keuk-Jin/Yang Jae-Hyun
Translated by:Jason An
Adapted by:

What They Say
When the callow young Bi-Kwang meets fellow fighter Hwa-Rin Dahm, he has no idea how much his life will change. He joins Hwa-Rin, a beautiful woman disguised as a man, on her desperate quest to find her missing grandfather.

About Ruler of The Land Manhwa

Ruler of the land, Manhwa is centered on the life womanizer boy named Ha Bi Kwang who did not understand the martial arts but the ability to lighten the body equivalent to the class bully. She mysteriously was appointed chairman of the youngest black flows as well as the world's strongest swordsman persilatan time, Cheon Ma Gun Sin, but again he was reluctant and seemed not to care. Origin is associated with a legendary past the previous leader of the party that the devil is said to have perished. He was friendly but ultimately madly in love with a beautiful girl named Checkers Hwarin, beloved grandson of Emperor Sword.